DIY Beer Pong Table w/Auto Ball Washer

Posted: June 8, 2009 in DIY w/ BeerPanda

Found this video of a couple kids building their beer pong table. I wouldn’t normally look twice at this video, but they show you how to make an Auto Ball Washer! It’s so cool and simple. You can add this awesome feature to your new table build or add it to an existing table! The song is pretty funny too.

This is a short video of another table with an auto ball washer. It doesn’t show you how-to, but it looks a lot cleaner.

Some college students put their engineering talents to better uses. How about a motorized, hide-a-way beer pong table? How about YES!

Remember not to drink and use power tools…you don’t wanna be called 4-fingers do you?

Happy Building!


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